AWE: A Mindfulness in Nature Art Project
AWE is a month-long mindfulness-in-nature art project. It offers life-long practices that awaken our interconnection with the Earth in joy and wonder. With this recognition, we care for the Earth more deeply.

AWE takes participants to neighborhood parks and gardens to connect with flora and fauna they usually walk past, seeing their neighborhood with new eyes and experiencing themselves as integral parts of their local ecosystem.

AWE is in development for New York City, with iterations in other cities planned to follow.

The Artist and Buddhists Contemplatives Project
The Artist and Buddhist Contemplatives project was founded to explore Buddhist and art practices. The project's goal is to bring artists together to meet, collaborate, and inspire one another, and to mentor emerging artists. The gatherings explore Buddhism and art, and how both can serve the world.

The retreats have sparked introductions and connections that led to later endeavors together such as a conversation between composer and interdisciplinary artist Meredith Monk and Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman at the Rubin Museum in New York City; Labor of Love, a performance by social choreographer Ernesto Pujol with sculptor Lesley Dill at The Noguchi Museum; artists Emily Cheng, Fredericka Foster and Suzanne Joelson organized NYC ABC artists to meet more regularly, opening their studios to the group.

The Artist and Buddhist Contemplatives Project